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Who We Are?

Professional Investigation & Consulting Services in TURKEY, BULGARIA & ROMANIA

Germeyan's Research & Investigation Bureau
provides investigation and consulting services to the legal, financial, and business communities.
As a result of our experiences , know-how, tracing techniques, and expertise a long years in
The Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian Territory, we obtain results that enable our clients to
prevail in different and/or litigious situations.

Our Services are include ;

* Personal Investigation Services
* Investigation Services for Attorneys and their clients
* Corporate Investigation Services

In order to assist you in determining which of Germeyan's Research & Investigation :Fraud & Embezzlement, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Expert Testimony, Personal Documents, Medical Records, Financial records, Tracing, Research ,Missing Personals , Detailed Background Investigations, Intellectual Property matters, Individual & Company and Due Diligence Reports and the related other Services.

Our News

We are also specialized in the Debt Collection & Legal Services in Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania with other countries with very competitive rates and No Pay-No-Cure Basis.

We are quick and efficient to locate the people and specially for Process Serving.

Please be free to ask us, if you will find special services offered by Germeyan's Research & Investigation.

Contact Germeyan's Research & Investigation. to discuss how our services can help you and your clients prevail in difficult situations.
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Germeyan's Research and Investigation Team in Istanbul, Sofia and Bucharest